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    Business Introduction

    Zhejiang Lanzhu Landscape and Ancient Architecture Co. Ltd.

    ■  Company Profile

    Lanzhu Architecture is a proffessional branch of BT Decoration, focusing on landscape and ancient architecture.

    Since the landscape and ancient architecture business started in 2017, quality construction team is getting bigger and bigger, management and supervision system and material supply system are established and improved. For the past several years, many ancient architecture projects were practiced, such as Lin'an Taolichunfeng, BT Chunfengchangle, BT Guanyun Town, BT Shengzhou Shaoxing Opera Town, BT Pujiang Town. On October of 2018, in order to expand the construction capability, and to support Chinese featured town development in a better way, Lanzhu Architecture is founded as a company, devoting to landscape and ancient architecture business, assisting the development of Chinese traditional architecture culture.

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