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    Business Introduction

    Zhejiang Bluetown Curtain Wall Co. Ltd.

    Zhejiang Bluetown Curtain Wall Co. Ltd.(shorted as "BT Curtain Wall") is a professional subsidiary of BT Decoration, providing curtain wall design, product R&D, construction and installation, consultation and maintenance.

    The core management team is of 10 year experience in GT and BT, and the cooperated teams are all qualified suppliers of GT and BT. A particular project operation and management model is developed supported by advanced technical and design philosophy. The company insists on innovation and service, taking "green" and "sustainable" as principle, explaining architecture art with curtain wall frontier technology, practicing "green builds future", and creating beauty for cities.

    Service Content

    BT Curtain Wall is combined with design, procurement, manufacture and construction, and the business covers whole industry chain including curtain wall design, curtain wall construction, architectural doors and windows, flood lighting, exterior wall paint, exterior wall heat preservation and decoration integration panel, and maintenance service.

    Whole business process

    • Curtain wall design
    • Curtain wall construction
    • Architectural doors & windows
    • Flood lighting & exterior wall paint
    • Exterior wall heat preservation and decoration integration panel
    • Maintenance service