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    Business Introduction

    Zhejiang Bluetown Ruili House Co. Ltd. is the only one home furnishing brand of BT Group, it takes “service provider of quality home furnishing” as philosophy, and practicing the mission of “integrated service provider of beautiful life”. By design, collocation and display of entire house soft outfit plan, Ruili House can make houses more of cultural connotation and living taste. A professional and large-scale platform system is established with original design, OME quality control and RUILI brand. Based on the development projects of GT and BT, Ruili House has promoted the brand all across the nation to provide high quality living for more families.

    Service Content

    • Movable furniture

    • Intelligence appliance

    • High-end custom-made

    • Curtain and lights

    • Home accessory

    • Soft outfit decoration

        Home life service chain

    Product Style

    Modern and northern Europe style: fashionable and elegant

    The modern and northern Europe style of Ruili House is not the cool style people talk about, it is to build a decent and elegant space by nature, delicacy and raw wood.

    American Style: romantic and elegant

    The high-end American furniture of Ruili House is like a romantic poem, and also like a gentleman, stimulating the desire for delicate life.

    Neo-Chinese Style: oriental charm within restraining

    The neo-Chinese style of Ruili House is of unique oriental charm, and there is elegance in seriousness, tranquility in grace. It is of the magic making people relaxed and enjoy the beauty of life.

    Entry Luxury Style: delicacy, elegance

    The entry luxury style of Ruili House is based on minimal style, with delicate soft outfit elements to present quality. It is a style of rationality and temperature.