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    Business Introduction

    Bluetown Design Studio

    Bluetown Design Studio (shorted as BDS) belongs to BT Decoration, and the core members are all from the original refined decoration management team of GT. After over 20 years accumulation of design management experience, together with CDS, which is the design company of One Hyde Park, BDS starts the model of "B+C", marching into international high-end design field, and the two parties has done many high-end residence projects in China, for example, Shanghai Bund and GT Pheonix Mansion.

    By design ability of international frontier, BDS listed on Top 100 Giants in Chinese interior design enterprises in 2018.

    BDS devotes to provide one-stop design service for clients, with refined decoration market orientation, whole-process interior plan and construction drawing design, FF&E design and dressing, intelligence and mechnical design, lighting design, and construction coordination. The business covers residence apartment, hotel, high-end club, commercial, hospital, school, small town and aged care real estate.

    • General Manager

    • Business Operation Team

    • International Design Team

    • National Design Team

    • National Design Team One

    • National Design Team Two

    • National Design Team Three

    • National Design Team Four

    • Space Expression Team

    • Intelligence And Mechnical Team

    • FF&E Team

    Service Content

    Relying on the quality platform of BT, and experience of more than 20 years in refined decoration design, BDS insists on delicacy management philosophy, making design effect more ensured, design management more efficient, cost more reasonable and service system more optimized.
    For now, BDS has established strategic cooperation relationship with many famous real estate companies, such as BT, GT, Sunac, Longfor, Lianfa, Liantou and so on, providing top quality design for the clients.
    The design business covers 7 big areas and 27 provinces and cities, among which Pheonix Mansion project won the award of "international real estate award", which is called the Oscar award in real estate industry, and the 2017 annual "eastern aesthetics residence" of Robb Report, and also the 2018 life aesthetics award of "real estate frontier".

    BDS is good at layout optimization on architectural design development stage, making the overall arrangement more reasonable, avoiding irritrievable irrational phenomenon in the refined decoration design stage, which can save cost on finance and time, refrain from rework, achieving cost management in drawing process. People-oriented philosophy is reflected by intensive study and delicate design, making the layout more diversed, humanized and scientized, and then improving comfortness of living.

    BDS focuses on innovation, devoting to create divversed design products. We also conduct special topic research on layout optimization, design style, design budget, space expression, FF&E dressing and software application with rigorous attitude and innovative design method, making a leading standard innovaitve design service system within industry.

    BDS focuses on making multi-dimension interior living environment, e.g. acoustics, lighting, air quality, humidity and tempreture adjusting, with scientific and rational methods. Product design is of fitness and sense of beauty. The intelligence housing system is set in accordance with users' habits, making them comfortable, and increasing overall quality and added-value of residence.

    The space expression team of BDS is good at deliberating design details and high simulation, making the design plan three-dimensional and simulated, expressing with CGI, 360° full view animation and VR, thus to enhance the space experience of clients, and make the visual communication more impact.

    Mechatronic design is of strong comprehensiveness, consisting of strong and weak electricity, water supply and drainage, air-conditioning and residence intelligence. The mechatronic team of BDS is good at professional design development on teh basis of original interior design, and combined with scientific design philosophy, making the refined decoration product more perfect, humanized and scientific, thus improving the comfortness and convenience of living.

    There is also an excellent FF&E design team in BDS, providing artistic design for hotel, club, sales center, show apartment and high-end villa. The team sticks to originality, expressing design philosophy by people oriented idea and particular art perspective, and making the space full of infectivity and vitality.

    Core Advantages