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    Business Introduction

    Zhejiang Langui Construction Management Co. Ltd.

    Zhejiang Langui Construction Management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Langui Construction") is a professional subsidiary of BT Decoration. The main business includes project agent construction, professional agent construction, consulting and training.

    There are over 100 professional engineer, with a management area of 5,000,000㎡, and the service includes refined residence, five-star hotel, high-end club, hospital, school, aged community and featured towns.

    The company integrates high-end customer resource, which is a group of 750,000 members of GT and BT. The marketing net covers over 70 cities in China, providing fast and effective information transfer service to clients. At the same time, there are 200 cooperative partners in design, material and construction, which can be offered to clients to improve project development efficiency, and decrease cost.

    The company inherits the cultural concept of BT, establishing systematic control, enforcing professional standards, focusing on customer demands, and providing quality architecture products and professional service. We will create beauty of city togather with our partners.