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    Business Introduction

    Leading supply chain service platform of professional home building material within industry

    Ant supply chain is part of BT Decoration, and it is a leading supply chain service platform of professional home building material within industry. Relying on BT Group, which is the pioneer of small town development, ant supply chain takes “integrated service provider of beautiful life” as company vision, “kindness, love, goodness, beauty” as company core value, devoting to supply chain integration of decorative building material industry, providing embedded service product for cooperative partners, decreasing procurement cost for clients, increasing supply chain management efficiency, and establishing whole decoration supply service system of procurement, sale and service.

    Ant supply chain starts with market demand, allying with suppliers and clients, integrating supply chain resource (upstream resource, internal resource and downstream client resource),finding service demand, deepening value-added service, and providing whole service integrated operation. The main products covers building decoration materials, including electric appliance, sanitary appliance, cabinets, storage, wall and floor material, , heating and ventilation, panel, stone, wooden finish and soft outfit. Depending on years of procurement and supply experience in real estate development enterprise, and also the long-term stable strategic cooperation relationship with hundred brands home and abroad.