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    Business Introduction

    Joint development of real estate refined decoration is the main business area of BT Decoration. Based on over 20 years of whole industry chain development resource of GT and BT, taking “financially autonomous, risk sharing, benefit sharing” as principle, BT Decoration is specialized in joint development of refined decoration whole process.

    Targeting at roughcast delivery projects, joint development provides one-stop service including refined decoration orientation, package design, centralized procurement, batch construction and independent accounting. Many intermediate links are simplified, e.g. tender, procurement and sale, thus bringing our clients refined decoration added value and premium profit, at the same time, increasing general delivery quality of real estate development projects.

    Besides, joint development can target customers of refined delivery in advance. The project operating costs can be reduced substantially by receiving decoration engineering payment in advance.

    Service Content

    Reasonable suggestions will be provided for product building and selling stages by market investigation and comparison of similar projects.

    Integrated “whole refined decoration” design service is provided, including market design orientation, architectural layout optimization, quota design, schematic design, development design, construction drawing design, intelligence, mechanical and lighting design, construction coordination, material selection and components collocation.

    One-stop centralized procurement service is provided relying on e-commerce cooperation resource.

    During the project building process, professional management staff will be sent to site to integrate resource of BT Decoration, providing management and control support for whole refined decoration process of the project.

    Quality construction team is well-chosen, and site construction is strictly in accordance with technology, method and relevant requirements of the company. Construction quality is guaranteed.

    A full set of delivery solution is provided from transport organization, people walking route to procedure arrangement, and personnel will be organized to coordinate with the delivery. After delivery, relevant maintenance mechanism will be established to ensure client satisfaction.

    Quality “decoration loan” service is provided for house-purchase customers by cooperation with multiple financial institutions.

    Core Advantages